Ossa Engineering

Years ago, Ossa motorcycles were the envy of the racing world. Perennial underdogs, they proved themselves time and again, winning with ingenuity, speed, and reliability.

Today, Ossa Engineering is committed to resurrecting these renowned machines. Our mission is to provide any service required to make your Ossa fast, agile, and efficient again, just like the day it was born.

Most vintage and classic OSSA models can be brought back to running condition. The OSSA Pioneer, Super Pioneer, Plonker, Mick Andrews Replica (MAR), Explorer, Stiletto MX, Stiletto TT, Dick Mann Replica (DMR), ST-1, Phantom, Desert Phantom, Wildfire and the Yankee 500Z are some of the models that we have worked with.

Contact us today at (319) 654-2202 or by email from our contact page to keep your OSSA making history, rather than being history.

Don’t forget to check out our technical page. A large amount of information is there to keep your OSSA running. Included are factory service bulletins, ignition timing facts, porting diagrams and a full 5 speed factory service manual.

All OSSA models that were produced (not just USA) are shown on the models page. Look for yours to see how many were made.

Vintage Spanish Motorcycles

We Keep the Legend Alive!