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We Keep the Legend Alive !

Years ago, Ossa motorcycles were the envy of the racing world. Perennial underdogs, they proved themselves time and again, winning with ingenuity, speed, and reliability.

Today, Ossa Engineering is committed to resurrecting these renowned machines. Our mission is to provide any service required to make your Ossa fast, agile, and efficient again, just like the day it was born.

Contact us today,at (319)393-9767 or by email from our contact page and keep your Ossa making history, rather than being history.


Knoxville, IA 2011 Vintage Dirt Track Race Pictures

Ossa Road Race Pictures

Yankee Reunion Video

Give Ossa Engineering a call to find out how easy it is to create your own Ossa street bike. More pictures in the gallery section.

You can build a street bike like this

From an old Ossa like this:

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