About Us

We at Ossa Engineering certainly know our Ossa motorcycles. We should. We made one.

In 1976 our current President and Engineering Director created the Ossa ST-1. Working at Yankee Motor Co. in Schenectady, New York, he assembled the best parts available with the proven Ossa engine, creating the short track production bike from the ground up.

In fact, there is little we didn’t do with Ossa while the Barcelona-based company was alive and well. We directed their sales and service for the entire central United States. Distribution, repair, dealer training, working with prototypes, and racing, we did it all.

In addition, we have years of experience working in machine shops, pit crews, performance parts stores, as well as auto racing teams. Needless to say, performance engineering, and Ossa, is in our blood.

We here at Ossa Engineering use this knowledge and ability to bring you the highest quality Ossa service available today.

Ossa Engineering – We Keep the Legend Alive

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