Parts & Services


OSSA Engineering can do any work on your OSSA engine that can be imagined. Since most of the work we do is custom for each job, please contact us for your special service needs.

Exhaust Outlet

Exhaust flange loose in the Cylinder? Both early or late type cylinders can be repaired with a new OSSA Engineering pressed in exhaust flange ring. These are not aluminum. This is not a thread repair so trials and older pioneers will have to change to a slip fit exhaust pipe. Contact us for details


Exhaust pipes

Ossa  Engineering can design a custom exhaust pipe for almost any OSSA engine application. Because the 2 stroke exhaust has such a large effect on the engine performance, any changes in cylinder porting may require a change in pipe dimensions.  Different pipe dimensions can alter engine performance even with stock cylinder porting. We can supply the correct dimensions for a new pipe or to alter the existing pipe. We do not build pipes.

Cylinder porting and head combustion chamber reshaping.

Porting specs are available from stock to custom race. We can supply you with performance upgrade information on all OSSA engines. We can do almost any cylinder port work for your OSSA engine or supply you with the information to do the work  yourself.

Reshaping the combustion chamber in the head is a big part of a modern performance upgrade. Changes in current fuel require changes in this area for best performance. We can machine your head or supply you with the information to it yourself.  Check with us for detailed information.

Transmission bushing

Right side lay shaft bushing loose in the case? Installation of a new Ossa Engineering over sized bushing is now available. Contact us for details.

OSSA Footpeg spring kits

They fit all OSSA models except street bikes. Great for use with OSSA WORLD footpegs.

OSSA Engineering Ignition System with Modern 12Volt Lighting

The VAPE External Flywheel Type Ignition System is a magneto based generator with integrated, fully electronic ignition, equipped with a tiny ac regulator to run lighting equipment, thus eliminating the need to run a battery. This is a CDI ignition with 80-100 watts of 12volt lighting capacity, capable of delivering up to 40,000 volts! VAPE Ossa ignition systems are available for both the large taper cranks and the smaller taper phantom style cranks. These are analog (fixed timing) systems the same as Motoplats. Units include flywheel, stator, coil, regulator and all other hardware needed to install.  VAPE – PowerDynamo Manual

New OSSA Engineering cushion drive spring

Made in the USA with good steel. These won’t loose tension like the factory springs did. These replace OSSA part # 991122. Fits all engines except 1974 and later Phantom MX (these didn’t use a cushion drive).

New OSSA Engineering heavy-duty clutch springs

Made in the USA with chrome silicon steel. These replace OSSA part #111086. Fits all engines except Phantom GP2, GP3, and 350 Mountaineer. These use a longer spring. For Phantom GP2, Gp3 or 350 Mountaineer a .050″ spacer is used under our heavy-duty clutch springs. Spacers available upon request at no charge.